Baby Posh Garage has officially closed.


If you were an active consignor, you were emailed our 1st announcement on July 24 2015 to explain closing plans and procedures to collect your goods and fill out a claim form for tax receipts, etc. We sent the Email to the Email address you provided at your FIRST visit to our shop.. If you've changed Email accounts, Please re-visit those accounts and/or check your current spam box.


~Claim form acceptance ended November 2, 2015.

-If you filled out a claim form, and had a $0.00 Balance, you were notified Via Email.

-If  you had a payable balance, and filled out a Claim Form, you were Emailed a Settlement Offer / Settlement claim form

~Settlement claim form acceptance ended December 1 2015.

~Forms received have  ALL  been processed.

~Checks have ALL  been MAILED.

~For a Tax Donation form:  Scroll down, and download the form and seek instructions from your tax advisor


Emails are no longer monitored. Web Site set to shut down at seasons end.

If you missed the closing announcements over recent months, please take a moment to view our gallery of posts for your understanding of when and how we tried to notify the public





The following is the original post/ letter sent to you as an active consignor on July 24 2015


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dear Customer,  After trying to survive and compete for a substantial period of time against online marketers of similar goods, and facing a declining marketplace and other circumstances beyond our control, we are being compelled to vacate our shop and close our business, which has operated for almost 8 years, by July 31, 2015. We deeply and sincerely regret having having to take this course of action, but we have no choice other than to return the items on consignment to our patrons and close our doors. If you wish to retrieve your consigned merchandise, please do so by July 31 2015, as we will no longer have a physical site to store your goods. The consignment period is 90 days. If you have items older than the consignment period, they have likely been donated. For tax donation receipts download the form at the bottom of this page or, email and we will forward you a receipt from our current charity of choice. If you believe you may have funds due to you from sales within the last 6 months, please come by to complete a claim form. Can't Come? If you have Items to be picked up, and you are not personally able to do so, please send an Email with names of people allowed to SHOP with your STORE CREDIT or pick up your unsold consignments. Process for pick ups: Please be patient. we have many items on consignment and are organized by scan bar codes / SKU numbers. When you arrive, please locate your items and bring them to the staff with ID. Once we release items to you, they will be removed from the system. We will do our best to assist you.

Tax Form, S FL Womens Empowerment Group
Click here to download. Fill out the value of the items your dropped off to Baby Posh Garage. Gary, the representative who picked up your donations will be happy to continue to receive your items. You may reach out to this charity directly. Their info is on the form.
TAX_FORM_-_S._Florida_Empowerment_Group [...]
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